Daily Gratitude Reflection

I’m thankful for my kitties. They bring so much joy to my life.


A Little Obsessed: Legs – Post Workout Thoughts


The image above describes how I feel after leg day.

In all seriousness, though, this was a terrific workout. After yesterday’s cardio, it felt good to be back to strength.

I was incredibly amused that one of the cast members called this workout “Leg Day (Booty).” (Read the parenthesis out loud for proper effect.)

This 30 minutes went fast. I wasn’t feeling the need to count down at all.

Several hours later, I am primarily feeling it in my calves and hamstrings. I’ll probably move up to a different weight next time we do this workout (for me, it will be a week from Sunday).

I do have to mention that I love the chemistry of the cast. They all clearly get along well and don’t mind sharing stories of their daily struggles. They’re very real. I’m looking forward to the real 80 Day Obsession in January so I can follow their progress even as I’m working on my own.

A Little Obsessed: Cardio Core – Post Workout Thoughts


Cardio Core day!

Lately, I’ve been dreading cardio. I don’t know why. It used to be my favorite thing ever.

The good news is that today’s cardio was really quite fun. And I am FEELING it.

The workout was broken up into sets of three – three sets of “jump rope” (with different foot movements), a second cardio element (i.e. skaters, mountain climbers, etc), and a quick hit of active recovery with either abs, booty or leg work. I loved the way that the workout was setup, even if I admit to looking at the clock with about 14 minutes left and being dismayed that we were barely halfway done. That’s the sign that you’ve worked hard right there.

Tomorrow is the “last” day of A Little Obsessed, and it’s Leg Day. Mommy.

A Little Obsessed: AAA – Post Workout Thoughts


Today’s workout was AAA, which stands for Arms, Abs, and Ass. Each set worked them in that order, and since I was already seriously feeling my abs and booty from the previous two days, this became a really tough program! I was sweating by the end.

I do love the arm moves in AAA, and even really liked the extra glute squeeze Autumn Calabrese adds on at the end of the tricep kickbacks. I’m getting MUCH better with the bands, though I’d like to try a different brand since I think the ones I have are fairly average at best (also, I think a cat may have carried one of them away).

Today was my first time using sliders, which was shockingly difficult on my carpet for some reason. I was using the slick side, but it still kept getting hung up, making me look like our friend Bambi up there. I may look for a different set of these as well.

If you’re interested in trying out A Little Obsessed, which is leading up to Beachbody’s new program 80 Day Obsession, hit me up on my contact page. I’ll be happy to talk to you more about it. The entire program will repeat next week (November 14-18), so there’s more time to see if it’s your soulmate workout – or at least in the ballpark.